Hello, February!!  I promise I had good intentions to post more frequently but life has been so crazy and different around here.  We are all on a different schedule and I am struggling to find a routine for me and peanut. We were so close to really getting into a groove and then I had to travel and peanut got super sick…pink eye!  Blah.

So, the living room.  It is coming along and I am so close to being done.  I wanted to share a post about my experience using a paint sprayer for the first time painting our living room, but I was bad and took zero photos of the process.  Mainly because my phone was always hidden behind something.  To sum it up, there is a huge learning curve when getting started but we repainted all of our trim and wainscotting in minutes.  I am excited to try it out on some furniture.

So to the exciting part of our living room renovation.  SPOILER ALERT:  After weeks and weeks of searching and waiting, I GOT MY RUG!!  After Christmas, I found this great rug online that checked a lot of boxes off.  (AND the new unstyled couch!) (and the dog that would not wake up from his precious nap so I could snap pictures)

Home Down South Blog

Of course, it was a style and color waaaayyy outside of my comfort zone.  I am so used to choosing neutrals/farmhouse style rugs and colors.  This is bright and has big pops of ORANGE!

Home Down South Blog

After waffling over buying it, I decided I was so obsessed with it and the endless colors I could bring into the room with it (and the fact it would HIDE toddler messes better).  I went online and to my disappointment, it was out of stock.  I started looking elsewhere and everywhere I looked, it was out of stock.  And everywhere I looked, it was named something different, so searching was difficult.

Home Down South Blog

As my search continued, I learned it became the #1 best selling rug and the Blogger’s Choice rug.  Dang.  Just dang.  Most websites said it would become available again February 6, so I said if I could not find anything else, we were going to wait.

But a funny thing.  I generally HATE when you search for something online and then all the sudden all the ads on every website show that particular item (making the internet so shady).  This time, it worked in my favor.  I was scrolling through Instagram and an ad/recommended follow account popped up WITH THIS RUG.  It was a local rug outlet store having a huge moving sale.

Of course, it was late and they weren’t open to call, so I messaged on their IG account to see if they had that rug.  They responded saying they did. YES!

Home Down South Blog

Luckily, for me, I don’t trust all that is seen on the internet.  Before I took the time to drive all the way over to this store, I called the next morning to confirm they actually had the rug.  He said they didn’t (in a way that I should have known it was their best seller).  He suggested I call their second location to see if they have it.  Hmph.

I called and to my surprise, THEY HAD THE RUG!  I asked for pictures and after he texted them I told him I was on the way to pick it up.


When we arrived, he told me after I texted him, he sold the rug…even though I texted him I was on the way and where I was coming from.  He said someone would be there in 30 minutes from the other location to drop off the rug they had (wait, what? I thought they didn’t have the rug).

So, we shopped around while we waited.

This rug was so worth it to me.  I spent about $15 more than I would have online, but who knows if that rug would have been stocked when it said.  It added a whole new level of yum to our living room.  I cannot wait to accent with some of these colors!!

Home Down South Blog

Isn’t she beautiful?  I won’t lie, I am very intimidated on how to accessorize, especially pillows and the empty frames above the couch.

Update on my to-do list:
  1. Sell the couch and loveseat.  Both listed.  Both had bites but people can be so flakey. WHY AM I STILL TRYING TO SELL?!  UGH!
  2. Repaint the ceilings. 
  3. Repaint the walls.  
  4. Freshen up all of the trim with paint
  5. Clean and polish the floors.
  6. Touch up paint
  7. Mount the tv over the fireplace.
  8. Build new bookcases.
  9. Build sofa table <- YEP!  I have plans, I need time.
  10. Organize Toys
  11. Add pictures to the Gallery wall
  12. Decorate the soon-to-be sofa table corner
  13. Add an extra lamp?
  14. Share the final reveal with you all!

Dining Room Reveal

Good morning!  When I started this blog I had every intention to blog weekly.  I guess I did not take into account that when you are working on projects, sometimes your budget slows you down.  Or your 1.5 year old.

BUT I am here with a room update!  I am not actually 100% done in this room but I sort of have to stop where I am for a few reasons.  If you follow me on Instagram, you already got to see the sneak peek and lots of stories leading up to this.  If you don’t follow me there, you are missing out!

I was sort of hoping this project would have a little more blog-worthy DIY projects to post about but it didn’t.

Anyways, back to why you are here.  Time to look at our newly updated dining room!

Here is the before and the plan I wanted to follow <- in case you want to jog your memory.  This project took longer than it should have…umm it should have probably only taken a weekend.  I mean, it literally only took me two hours to paint the room.

HomeDownSouth dining room reveal

Home Down South Dining Room Reveal

I toyed with painting this room a dark color because there is so much light in this room and it could handle it.  After painting our office back wall a dark blue, I was not sure if there is a “rule” to having two dark rooms across from each other, so I opted to go light.  I am not disappointed.  I chose Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams and just getting the fresh paint on the wall made a world of difference in here.  The original paint, while new, is a flat sheen.  Not only did it show all the dirty marks but it also fell flat.  The paint I put on the wall is eggshell and that slightest change made the room so incredibly bright.

Home Down South Dining room reveal

We bought this buffet when we moved into the house to actually use as a tv stand.  I personally liked using it in the family room but my husband did not, due to the height of the piece.  We bought something else and moved this into the dining room.  It really DID add more storage that we need badly!


Home Down South Dining room reveal



This rug.  This was part of what held up this room being complete.  I looked at SO MANY RUGS.  The room needed a rug but I didn’t want something that would compete with everything and I didn’t want another gray rug (we have one in the living room).  I actually found this on Amazon for a very reasonable price!  Click the link in the caption to see the source.  I did go with an 8×10 and the size is great.  It is on the thinner side, but I don’t think something thicker would really work in this room.


Home Down South Dining Room Reveal


Originally I had two pictures on either side of the window but then I happened to see a Decor Steals deal on Facebook and immediately bought these metal hanging baskets.  The wheat is not in its forever home but I wanted to get something in there.  I am still deciding what to replace it with.

Home Down South Dining Room Reveal

If you didn’t see my IG/FB post about this tobacco basket, you need to check out Hobby Lobby.  Not only do they have great farmhouse wares, they have these tobacco baskets reasonably priced!  The pumpkins are all from the Dollar Store and I painted them different shades of blue, mint, and white to match my style.


If you saw my Instastories the other day, I mentioned how I tried to start replacing the cream outlets for white and thanks to the wiring being all sorts of crazy and the guy that flipped our house being too lazy to find which breaker goes where he just had his guys fill in the sheet and move on.  Out of 30 breakers, not one single breaker is labeled correctly.  I THOUGHT I hit the right breaker after shutting the entire house down, but not the case OUCH!

So really all I have left in there is to switch the outlets out, sand the table and reseal to fix some of the scratches, and deep clean the wainscoting.

Now, when I get back into town, it is time to work on my last minute Thanksgiving tablescape.