Master Bathroom Refresh

If you are following my Instagram or Facebook pages, you know I recently had to push up our master bathroom reno higher up on the to-do list because our walls were in really bad shape.

After speaking to a paint professional, we concluded that the reason paint was peeling off the walls was because there was drywall work done during the flip and they did not properly prep the spots before painting.  Then, when the moisture of the shower got behind the paint, it would peel itself from the walls.  UGH.  Not to mention the paint in there was a flat sheen.

Originally, like the rest of the house, the bathroom was painted in Sherwin Williams Colonnade Gray lightened 50%.  I really do like the color but I wanted something a little different in there.  It took me a few WEEKS and help from my followers to narrow down my choices.  Then when it came to the weekend we were going to paint, I was inspired by images I saw online and impulsively bought a paint color.

You probably know where this is going…..

We spent one night sanding and spackling the walls.  The next night we primed the walls with an oil-based primer (as recommended by a few paint pros) and then I painted the bathroom in Sherwin Williams Marshmallow.  I really see the potential in that color and actually loved it when I first put it on the wall.  But then it turned SUPER PINK.  Not slight pink undertones but nursery pink, almost peach.

Project Manager said he would live with it but it wasn’t the right color.  That bathroom is a PAIN to paint, so I spent a week trying to convince myself that we would make that color work.  I couldn’t.  It was horrible.

So I went back to the store and with the help of an IG friend, Melissa with GA Peach Restoration, we picked out a few colors that were cooler in the space.  I ended up going with Nebulous White from SW and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  A cooler color was made to be in that room.  Everything pops and I honestly have no desire to replace anything in there.

Because that is the other thing, I never made a design board for this room and I am totally winging it.  I didn’t think we would do anything in here so quickly.

Here are the before shots (I don’t have a TON of before shots):


You can see how bad the peeling was.  It looked way worse in real life.

Now for some during shots.  This was during the Marshmallow era:


The farther away you were from the lighting, the creamier it got and looked like the type of white I had hoped for.  Again, I tried to make it work but it wouldn’t.  So, I threw some samples up and tried to look for another color.  Only this time I had to paint the bathroom alone.  We have 12′ ceilings in here and corners that are hard to reach.

BUT, I am so obsessed with the new color!!!  It is Sherwin Williams Nebulous White (color matched at Home Depot).  I mention that because sometimes you will be sent home with a slightly different color.


It feels so airy and clean in there now!  This was also done for much cheaper than what it would have cost for a pro to come in, sadly (for me because it was back breaking).

The IKEA cabinet is probably my favorite addition.  It is actually a shoe organizer!  The top drawer is overflow toiletries and the bottom two are rolled up towels.  This unit does not take up much space and hides everything!


There are still a few things to tackle, like getting the hardware to match, doing something with the mirror over the vanity, and replacing out old outlets.


Walls: Sherwin Williams Nebulous Gray (mixed at Home Depot)
Vanity/Fixtures/Light: all here when we moved in but I am going to assume Home Depot since it is nearby and this was an inexpensive flip
Rug: Home Goods
Shelves over toilet: DIY from scrap wood
Shelf Bracket: IKEA EKBY OSTEN in natural.  I spray painted them at home
Wall Baskets: Goodwill
Iron/Wood Wall Art: Hobby Lobby


Stencling the Stoop

I know, I know.  You are going to say “weren’t you working on the dining room?”  Yes and no.  I have a case of project ADD.  But really, I have not had much time to focus on painting the dining room because of a certain toddler project manager.  Painting a room is a big to do and I generally do not have time while she is with me to start anything so big.  I try to get what I can done during naps, but lately, her naps are far from reliable.

One project I was able to get done during my lunches and late at night was putting a stencil on the front porch/stoop/whatever it is called.  Here is what it looked like before:

Home Down South Front stoop befor

Insert screaming emojis!  I do like the color of our house, but painting the brick here light gray was probably not the smartest decision when you are dealing with Georgia red clay.

I first had to give this space a good pressure washing.  I patiently waited for a weekend where the heat was not so oppressive (which, when is that happening?!).

After a good scrub, I luckily had some exterior white paint from sitting in the garage to use as my base and to cover up the light gray.  You guys, even after a good pressure wash, the bricks are STILL stained.  Adding “paint the brick” to the very bottom of the project list.

Home Down South front porch before 2

I mean, that brick is disgusting.

After I let the base coat dry fully, I waited a few days to start stenciling.  Mainly the heat is what caused more delay.  Also, this spot gets direct sun from 10am – 7pm this time of year and it is a total bear to sit out there.

If you follow me on Instagram, you got a lot of sneak peaks

I ordered my stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils.  I chose the Santa Ana Tile Stencil.  I love the look of cement tiles and have been dying to put something similar to that in my house for a long time.  This is the third time I have used a stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils (this is not sponsored by them) and each time was a totally different experience.  The first two times I used the stencil on the wall, so using it on cement was a first and not necessarily the easiest.  I searched around the internet to see what others have done and it seemed pretty straightforward.

It took me a little longer than I expected because I could not easily roll the paint on.  I had to pounce it on.  So it took a few hours over the course of a week.


I kind of like it.  A lot.

Home Down South Blog Porch afterHome Down South front porch after 2Home Down South blog front porch after 3

I had some struggles because unlike adhering it to the wall with a little spray glue, NOTHING wanted to keep the stencil sticky on the cement.  I used painters tape to try and keep the stencil down as much as I could.

I love the interest it adds to this space.  I also love that it is going to hide so much like a boss!

The paint that I ended up using was a quart of Rainstorm by Sherwin Williams.  I chose SW because they offered exterior paint in a quart where other places I checked out only offered in a gallon.  For me, a quart was still too much paint and a gallon would have been wasteful.

At some point, I will still need to go back and seal some of the cracks in the cement so I don’t have to deal with weeds growing through.

What do you think?  Have you ever tried out a stencil?  How did that project turn out?

Ok, I promise I am going to work on the dining room.  I have a deadline.  It will be done!