Hi!  I am Heather, a work-from-home mom of a little sweet baby girl and three furbabies.  We live just outside of Atlanta in a 1987 cookie cutter home.

We bought our first home the same week as our wedding back in 2013 near downtown Atlanta (three miles from city center to be exact).  After living there for almost four years, having a baby and realizing we were going to quickly outgrow 1,400 sqft., the market in our area turning hot, and a tree falling on the house, we decided we were going to have to expand our living quarters.  We chose to move back to the ‘burbs for a few reasons.  Mainly the schools are killer here.  The market was in our favor and we are closer to family.  Plus, we are not dealing with some of the negatives that comes with city living (ahem, crime).

The house we are living in now is perfect for our family.  You can find a full tour here.  It was built in 1987 and other than the facade and a missing basement, it is the exact same house as our neighbors.  The only difference is ours was flipped.  The previous owner sort of gave up trying to renovate the almost 20 year old home and sold it to someone who would.  Of course, the house sat empty for a few years and has a “reputation.”

Now that we are here (to our neighbors delight), we are spending our time upgrading it from the problems a typical flip is left with (cheap flipper) and turning this into something more functional for us.  Being pretty will just be a super perk!

The Team:

I am the creative/logistical planner/operations/executer in the family.  I am no DIY expert, but I have been reading blogs for years and feel like I know enough to share with you.

Matt is the grower guy/project manager.  You will most likely find Matt outside trying to get our grass to look golf course worthy or maintaining our fruit and vegetable garden.  He is my sounding board for projects and has dubbed himself as project manager when construction is underway.

Emery has sort of moved into the senior project manager role in the last few months.  She is at nearly every project making sure things are done properly.

My mom is a huge part of the team.  I tend to borrow a lot of tools from her and she always lends a helping hand when I need to build/paint/don’t want to do a project on my own.  #girlpower

Thank you for stopping by and reading! I look forward to sharing projects and chatting with you!


I hope you find this little space somewhat inspiring.  I have spent so much time reading and following so many blogs, I thought this would be an excellent time to give instead of take!  I ask if you want to use any of my photos or blog posts that you give full credit back with the original link to the post.  Any photos on this site have been taken by me unless I have otherwise stated.

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