Meal Planning

Meal Planning – For the Hopeless

Over and over again, I have tried to meal plan.  I tried and failed miserably.  I think the reason for failing so much was because most meal plans I see are month out plans.  Wouldn’t it be great to know what you want to eat a month from now?  For me, it doesn’t work.  My food mood changes so often and my regular mood dictates just how lazy I want to be.

But, my household was in a terrible food rut and it caused a lot of crap eating.  I hope we are not the only ones that deal with these food ruts.  For a few weeks, NOTHING sounded good.  Then we would end up eating out way more than we can afford and most of it was junky food.

I was getting sick of the stress (yes, cooking/planning dinner STRESSES me out) so I  grabbed my Skinnytaste cookbook and decided I would take it one week at a time.  One week and I didn’t hear the dreaded “what sounds good to you?” “Nothing, what sounds good to you?” conversation.

Week 1 Meal Plan

Monday: Chili – We actually used our own recipe for this, but there are some yummy looking ST chili recipes

Tuesday: Chicken Scaloppine w/Broccoli & Cheese

Wednesday: Pumpkin Mac & Cheese (we added brats as our protein)

Thursday: Crock-pot Pulled Pork (my own recipe)

Friday: Egg Roll Bowl

Saturday: Eat out

Sunday: Rotisserie Chicken and Perogies

I did not do a great job last week (or this week) taking pictures of how the food came out, hence the pictures of the cookbook.

Week 2 Meal Plan:

This week, without Pictures

Monday: Beef Ragu Pappardelle

Tuesday: Chicken & Dumplings – perfect for these cooler temps

Wednesday: Steak Fajitas

Thursday: One Pot Pasta & Broccoli (will probably add a protein)

Friday: Salsbury Steak Meatballs

Saturday: Eat Out

Sunday: Steak

One way we tackled the second week was not so much what sounded good but what did we have that needed to be eaten.  The goal was to not buy a bunch of food on Sunday when we had a freezer full of meat or a pantry full of pantry food.

We are halfway through week two and it has made dinnertime waaayyy easier.  I think my plan is to try for two more weeks before adding other meals and sources into the mix, mainly breakfast.  I tend to eat a lot of cereal.

Do you meal plan?  If you are successful, what are your secrets??!

If you want to follow along with our food creations, take a peek at my Instagram stories.  I tend to post a mid-cook shot there.  

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